MDF And Playwood Frames

5*1 MDF Door Frames : 

New way to use one frame with four door opening direction (in,out),(right,left) plus Sound ND Air isoltions the wonder about our door frames is to save instaltion time by more than fifty percent of usual time , plus you definitely do not need  a carepentry to install these door frames , it could be done easily by handyman .

Single Door Swing Directions 


The Full Set  of knocked down until include the matching jambs and casings , the concealed or plain bearing hinges magnetic lock and a set of handles

our door -frames  consist of the followimg cpmpanents : singel rabbeted and l-shaped casing .

the casing (moldings,trim) are applied around the door into the jambs for decorating purporse and are able to cover the gab between the frame ( jamps ) and the drywall.all frames parts are finished with the same exact  tyoe and color of top coating as the door slap itself


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